You will earn 1 point for every money item done.

Earn Points at Hogwarts
with points you get tittles
with tittles you get rare objects
Baron/Baroness200 points
Viscount/Viscountess400 points
Earl/Countess600 points
Marquess/Marchioness800 points
Duke/Duchess1000 points
Prince/Princess2000 points
King/Queen4000 points
Minister of Magic6000 points
Earn Rewards as follows
Baron/BaronessBirthday Cake
Viscount/ViscountessCalyx Jasper
Earl/CountessPride Chest
Duke/DuchessChristmas Chest
Prince/PrincessPink Limosene
King/QueenChristmas Car
Minister of MagicMystic Tree