A Private The Sims Online Server

  Has The Sims become boring?
  Do you have the max lot size and are stuck collecting rares because there is nothing better to do?
  We have a new, thrilling experience for you!
  Project V implements the aspects of The Sims that you have come to love, with a twist.
  With Project V, there are goals and levels. There will be rounds which will require sims to meet goals such as crafting a
  certain number of items, gaining skills, and leveling in jobs.
  The possibilities are endless.
  Once a player has completed all the goals, they are declared the winner and will be able to keep their money for the
  next round. They will also get a special winner's trophy.
  As you level up, you will also gain skill locks a lot faster than your normally would.
  When there is a winner, the city will reset. What?! The reset will allow you to keep the thrill alive.
  You will constantly be competing with other players to be the first to win the round.
  With each reset, the goals also reset, allowing you to complete the easier goals all over again for easy experience to
  level up your sim and easily earn more skill locks. As the game progresses within the round, the goals will increase.
  For example, first you need 10 crafting items to meet the achievement, then 100, then 500.
  The goals within the round get progressively harder.
  Sims will never be boring again, as you will constantly be working towards being the winner."

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