A Private The Sims Online Server

Welcome to FML Reloaded,
We are running a Sims Online server with 3 cities in a very unique way.

Project V

Project V is the most unique of all our cities. This city has achievements which you can find in your Sim's profile.
Complete all achievements as first and you may call yourself the winner.
For completing the achievements you gain experience which in turn gives you levels.
By obtaining levels you unlock skill locks.
As soon someone completes all their achievements the city will reset and another round is started.
A new round will feel the same as starting in a new city, there will be no lots, no money and no skills.
However everyone will keep their levels and skill locks.
NPC's are enabled in this city, and they will keep lots open. No more need for players to camp out on their lots any longer. Also there is no need for roommates or house owners to keep their lots open, even if there are no npcs in your lot, every player is as good in keeping your lot open as you are.

Hardcore City

Hardcore City also has achievements enabled, which you can find in your Sims's profile.
Unlike Project V the city does not reset when someone finish all their achievements, instead only the achievements reset, and the winner is rewarded with a rare object.
NPCs are also enabled in this city, and they are able to keep your lot open.
The play style of this city is pretty similair to FreeSo and TSO with the exception that achievements and npcs are enabled.

Schitt's Creek

This City is very similair to Hardcore City with the exception that it does not have NPCS.
In this city players will have to keep their own lots open, or ask friends to do this for them.
Also achievements are enabled in this city. We can't be more similair with FreeSO than this without the need to call ourselves FreeSO.

All of our cities have a Hogwarts lot where you can complete Jams for points,
Different amount of points gives you different titles which appear in front of your Sim's name,
and different rare objects. See the Hogwarts section on our website for more details.
Hogwarts also offers zombie hunting all year round, and random spawns of gold pots.

You also will find a bingo lot in our cities, play a round of bingo for completing your achievements and levels at a faster rate.
Enter the lot, and type 'start' in the chatbox, then just follow the instructions on your screen.
Forgot which object to finish? No problem just type 'repeat' in your chatbox and hit enter.
Of course there is a lot more that we customized our cities with but that list would be too long to put here.
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